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Solar panels

Solar panels

With a solar panel you can provide your motorhome, mobile home or boat with power in a clean and sustainable way. In this way you can watch satellite TV in a responsible way.

Did you find the required solar panel? If not, please let us know which solar panel you need and we will do our best for you.

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Denson solar panel 100 / 120 / 150 Watt

The signal from the satellite is everywhere, but how about the power supply in your mobile home, motorhome or boat? On the most beautifull spots not always a power supply is available and even the m..

€ 329.00 Ex Tax: € 271.90

NDS BLACKSOLAR panel 115-155-180 Watt

Up to 19.5% more efficient then other solar panels Do you want to provide your mobile home, motorhome or ship with its own power supply? In a clean, sustainable way? WIth a solar panel you can! Wit..

€ 199.00 Ex Tax: € 164.46

NDS Display for Suncontrol MPPT SC300M

Optional touch screen for the MPPT sun control. With this display / touch screen you can request the amount of energy that's captured from your solar panels to your batteries. ..

€ 109.00 Ex Tax: € 90.08

NDS IM12-150 iManager 12v 150A with touchscreen

Do you want more energy capacity in your mobile home, motor home or yacht? The NDS iManager offers the solution. This innovative control system, based on smart technology, ensures the maximum result..

€ 219.00 Ex Tax: € 180.99


'Walkable' solar panel (with soft footwear)! The NDS LIGHTSOLAR Black solar panel is the ideal solution for instance for use on folding roofs or on board of your (mega)yacht or ship. And because th..

€ 289.00 Ex Tax: € 238.84

NDS LSxxxWP LIGHTSOLAR panel - 105-145 Watt

'Walkable' solar panel (with soft footwear)! The NDS LIGHTSOLAR solar panel is available in 2 versions: 105W or 145W. This NDS solar panel is the ideal solution for applications where weight, thick..

€ 249.00 Ex Tax: € 205.79

NDS solar panel 80-100-120-140 Watt

With the NDS solar panel you have your own power supply based on daylight. With a solar panel you capture your own (free) energy in all wheather conditions. In this way you never have to depend on t..

€ 159.00 € 139.00 Ex Tax: € 114.88

NDS SOLARFLEX EVO solar panel 50-110-150 Watt

The NDS SOLARFLEX EVO series is available in 3 versions: 50W, 110W or 150W. This serie of solar panels has a flexibility of 30%, which makes the solar panel sufficient for almost every surface. Whet..

€ 169.00 Ex Tax: € 139.67

Suncontrol MPPT 15A / 25A controller for solar panels

To get the maximum efficiency from your solar panels, we recommend the use of a MMPT controller in combination with your solar panel(s). MPPT controllers give an extra efficiency to your solar panel..

€ 64.95 Ex Tax: € 53.68