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Clips, in u-form, h-form or for your balcony, for mounting the dish antenna or satellite dish. Dish clips in all kind of sizes and materials.

Is the required clip not available in our shop? Please let us know and we will do our best for you.

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BKL 7 (set U-clamps in bag)

Set U-clamps BKL 7, in a bag. Can be used for balcony mount together with the L25, L35, L45 and L55 balcony brackets. Features Blueqon BKL 7 Material: Steel Galvanization: Electronic galvan..

€ 4.95 Ex Tax: € 4.09

BKU10 (set U-clamps in box)

For use in combination with tubes with a max diameter of 60mm. Features BKU10 clamps Material: Steel Length: 162mm Galvanization: Electronic galvanised Weight: 540 g ..

€ 7.95 Ex Tax: € 6.57

BKX (set balcony cross clamps in bag)

Set cross clamps BKX, packed in a bag. This set can be used for mounting the (dish) antenna to a tube / balcony. The weight of these cross clamps is 684gr. Features BKU10 cross clamps Materia..

€ 7.95 Ex Tax: € 6.57