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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

frequently asked questions satellite antenna tv


Who can order at TheDishAntennaShop?

Both consumers as companies can order online at TheDishAntennaShop. Every order can be payed with iDEAL or a bank transfer. This will become clear during the order process in the webshop.

As customer you may choose whether you want to register or not. Registering has a view advantages, like:
- you receive rewarding points on your personal account for even better rates;
- an order can be easily tracked;

- order history can be checked;
- possible returns are stored in your account.


Steps order process

  1. Go to the product you wish.
  2. Fill in the required options on the product page of the wished product. This is optional and can differ per product.
  3. Via the button add to cart button you can add the product, and the required options, into your shopping cart.
  4. You can continue shooping / order additional products, by repeating the steps above.
  5. When you're finished shopping, you can go to the check-out page by clicking the options "Shopping Cart" () or  "Checkout" (in the top menu in the right upper corner).
  6. The following page will come up ("Checkout"):

    checkout page VSAT-shop
  7. Depending on your wish, you can select whether or not you want to register as customer (left column of the checkout page).
  8. The fields with the red marks (in the left column) are fields the TheDishAntennaShop needs for shipping ypour order to the right address. When you want to register, you also need to fill in a password for your personal account.
  9. In the column in the middle of the checkput page, you can select:
    - if you want to ship your order or if you prefer to pick your order up at (one of) our location(s). The shipping costs are based on the shipping address in the left column of this checkout page.
    - the preffered payment method (iDEAL, PayPal, BanContact / MisterCash (Belgium), AfterPay, Transfer, creditcard, mastercard or cash (only applicable if you select to pick your order up at our location).
  10. In the right column you see an enumeration of the ordered products and the involved price per product, including the total amount of the order and shipping costs (when applicable).
  11. At the bottom of the page you can select that you agree with the General Terms and that you've checked the order and filled in everything correctly.
  12. When done you can press the button confirm order and you will go to the next step in the order process. This also depends on the selected payment method.
  13. When the payment method iDeal is selected, you need to select the bank you will use for the payment:

    select bank ideal payment method

    When you have selected the payment method PayPal, creditcard, mastercard, MisterCash / BanContact or Transfer, please follow the instructions on your screen.
  14. To finish the order, after selecting the bank (iDEAL), you click the button confirm order.
  15. You will be transferred to the payment environment of your bank (iDEAL, PayPal, creditcard, mastercard and MisterCash / BanContact). Please follow the instructions on your screen.
  16. When completed, including payment, the following message will appear on your screen:

    checkout succes page
  17. By mail you will be updated regarding the status of your order.

Rewarding points

How does the rewarding points system work?

Reception of rewarding points is very easy: register yourself at our shop, order one or more products and the mentioned rewarding points willl be added automatically to your personal account.


How many reward points do I get?

The number of rewarding points you receive, is mentioned at each product. Tou need to register at our shop to be able to use the rewarding point system. Your rewarding points will be added to your personal account.


Extra reward points

On a regular base we will give extra rewarding points to our customers. In this way you can save more rewarding points for additional discounts.


Can I pay as well with rewarding points?

In the webshop you can see the products you can order and pay with reward points. Rewarding points are however not exchangable for cash money and are only valid in our shop(s).


Are their costs involved for participating the rewarding points system?

Registering is free; no costs are involved. As soon as an order is done, you will collect directly rewarding points.



Are the mentioned rates in- or excluding VAT?

All mentioned rates at TheDishAntennaShop are including VAT.


In which way I can pay at TheDishAntennaShop?

You can pay with iDeal (The Netherlands), MisterCash / BanContact (Belgium), a Transfer (The Netherlands and Belgium), PayPal, Maestro, Mastercard and Visa and cash payment (when picking up at store).


With iDEAL it's safe and easy to pay online. iDEAL is the system that connects you directly to your internet banking program when shopping online. For using iDEAL you don't need to register or to download any files.

When using internet banking of ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank or Van Lanschot Bankiers you can pay directly with iDEAL. You will pay easy and fast within a trusted environment of your own bank. So paying like you are used to.


PayPal is a payment system in which you can pay safe, easy and fast as well. The use of Paypal is free.


TheDishAntennaShop offers also the possibility for a money transfer or AfterPay; when paying with AfterPay you also agree with the terms of AfterPay.


Also cash payments are possible, when picking up your order at (one of) our location(s). We would like to recommend you to order the product or products online via our online webshop and to wait for further instructions; in this way we can reserve and prepair your order and we prevent that you come possibly for nothing to our location.


Does TheDishAntennaShop supports other payment methods as well?

Yes, you can also pay with rewarding points within the online shop of TheDishAntennaShop.

  I get an error message when paying with iDEAL in combination with ABNAMRO and Google Chrome. ("This site is blokked for the unsafe execution of a plugin").

Unfortunately there's no solution available for this problem. ABNAMRO could not give any solution to this. Other banks doesn't have this problem. Please try to use another browser (for instance Internet Explorer) for ordering at our shop.



In which way orders are shipped at TheDishAntennaShop?

The ordered products (up to 30 kilo) are shipped by UPS, PostNL, DPD or GLS to the given address. The package will be offered twice at the given address. When not at home, you will get a message with further instructions for picking up your order at the nearest post office. The package wil remain on this location for a maximum of three weeks. When the package is send by us, you will receive a tracking code by emai so you can follow the shipment online.


Tip: fill in another shipping address, for instance your office address, where you know it's for sure that somebody is available to receive the package. This prevents a visit to the post office.


Please notice: PostNL and DPD deliver on working days and Saturdays with exception of some areas in The Netherlands. Packages in Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, France and the UK are in ost case shipped within 48 hours. UPS and GLS only deliver on working days.


Packages and pallets above 30 kilo are shipped by our transporter. WHen not at home a short notice will be left with the phone number of our transporter. A new arangement can be made for a new delivery.


All packages are shipped with a trackingcode, so you can follow it online.


All shipment are insured.


What are delivery times of TheDishAntennaShop?

All products of TheDishAntennaShop are on stock, unless mentioned otherwise.

When ordered before 16:00 hour on a working day, and when payed, your order will be processed the same day for delivery the next day (in The Netherlands or Belgium and Sun- or national holidays excepted). If a product for whatever reason is not available, you will receive a message by mail or phone call. When the selected payment method is Money Transfer, then delivery time may take 1 or 2 days longer; also depending of receiving the first payment (50%). When ordering during the weekend or a national holiday, then your order will be processed the next working day.
Depending if the product is a product of TheDishAntennaShop, or a product of an external supplier, shipping time will be 1 or 2 days longer. In such cases you will be informed by mail.


Is it possible to receive my order with cash on delivery?

We don't deliver with cash on delivery. This because many of our products have a limited stock. In the past there was to much abuse by refusing orders when delivered.


I'm not home at the expected delivery time. Can I add another address?

It's possible to add another shipping address on the checkout page, for instance your office address, neighbours or friends.


Shipping costs

For order above EU 50,- we charge no shipping costs, when the the shipping address is in The Netherlands or Belgium. For orders less then EU 50,- shipping costa are applicable -for orders up to a maximum of 30kg- in the Netherlands or Belgium of  EU 5,95 per order. To other countries the shipping costs may vary per country. 

Some of the larger products (like larger satellite antennas of 90 cm or more) are seen as colli by the transporter. The extra shipping costs at these products are mentioned explicitely on the product pages.

Is it possible to deliver to other countries, besides The Netherlands?

Next to The Netherlands we also ship to Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, etc.. Is your country not listed? Please let us know.


Can I pick up my order as well?

If wished you can pick up your order as well on our location:

             Laagraven 5D II
             3439 LG in Nieuwegein  (The Netherlands)

Our office is open from Monday till Friday from 09.00 - 17.30 hours. On Saturdays on request.


Please give us a call at +31 (0) 10 30 60 360 or mail (info@deschotelshop.nl) or (info@deschotelshop.be) upfront, so we can reserve and prepair your order and to prevent a closed door.



Is their a warranty on the delivered products?

Because TheDishAntennaShop is no manufacturer of products, there's no standard warranty policy. This can differ per product and is depending on the product and the manufacturer of the product, barring statutory schemes regarding warranty. For all products bought in our shop, the legal guarantees applies. Legal guarantee means that a product needs to be or do that what a consumer expects it to do. For some products a manufacturer warranty applies. This warranty does not affect the legal guarantee. When you received a wrong or damaged product, please let us know directly via support@deschotelshop.nl or support@deschotelshop.be; we will send you then the return instructions as applicable to the involved (within 24 hours).


When received a wrong delivery, the TheDishAntennaShop will take care -when the product is returned as new, unused and undamaged- of the shipment of the correct delivery. If a product is damaged at arrival, we would like to receive it back as soon as possible. Only in these cases it's possible for us to repair or replace the damaged or not functioning product -without extra costs- for a new product. Inform us please immediately by email, so we can reserve a new product for you asap and send it to you as soon as the damaged product is returned to us.


Even when the warranty period is over you can come to us with a defect or complain. Is it reasonable that a product within a particular period, and when used normally, should function and the defect is not caused by your own, then TheDishAntennaShop will repair (if possible) of replace the product. In all cases TheDishAntennaShop will take care of a quick settlement of the complain. In some cases it will be reasonable to pay a part of the involved costs yourself. For instance when you could use the product for a long time in a normal way and by repairing or fixing it, the lifetime is lenghtened. Or when you could use the product for a long time and you get a complete new product. If it's reasonable that you pay a part of the cost, we will inform you upfront.


Manufacturers warranty on a product?

TheDishAntennaShop garantees that the delivered products are conform the requirements of use, reliability and lifetime as agreed by both parties in the purchase agreement, and stands for the manufacturers warranty of the delivered product(s).


This warranty expires:

- when negligent handling of the product,
- when intentional damage of the product and
- when others besides TheDishAntennaShop -without prior notice of TheDishAntennaShop- did repair- or other activities to the product and these (repair)activities caused a defect.


Damaged or wrong product

Please check at delivery of the product whether your product is damaged and if it's the product as ordered and complete. If damaged, incomplete or not as ordered, please let us know asap after delivery by sending us an email (info@deschotelshop.nl of info@deschotelshop.be) or by phone (+31 (0) 10 30 60 360). Within 24 hours you get a response from us.


When a wrong product or a damaged product (by transport) is received, please send it as soon as possible back to us. Wrong delivered products that are opened or when the original packaging is damaged (like removed protection folies, torned packaging bags, batteries removed from packaging, other software images installed, etc.), can not be returned. When you do want to return the product in these cases, cost will be involved. These costs depend on the type of product and the state of the packaging and/or product.


Exchange / returns

The product is damaged. What to do ?

Please check the product, when delivered, if it's damaged or if it's the right product and complete. If this is the case, then please contact us as soon as possible (we prefer within 48 hours) by sending an email to info@deschotelshop.nl or info@deschotelshop.be. When a wrong or damaged product is received, please return it as soon as possible.


How can I return a product to TheDishAntennaShop?

Without an account

Returning a product without a personal account can be done by sending an email to info@deschotelshop.nl or info@deschotelshop.be. You will receive further instructions by email. Another option is to go to the return page of TheDishAntennaShop.


With an account

You can do this by going to the return page of TheDishAntennaShop.
You will receive an confirm email, after which you can send the products back to the given address and mentioning the applicable RMA or order nummer.


Part of refund (at returning)

Are you not satisfied with the product, but you did use it already? That's a bummer for us as well.

For all your orders we have a return period of 30 days, so even for the products that are already used during this period. When there are visible aspects of use, we are willing to give you a partial refund. This is always at least 75% of the original purchase amount. So: please feel free to have a good look at the product like you would do in a physical shop. Unpack a satellite receiver out of the box and view it from all sides, but don't connect it to watch tv as well with it.


  1. When do you get a 100% refund of the returns within 30 days?

  • When your order is returned in the original packaging, is complete and is in the original state (so for instance with the batteries still in the original packaging, no removed folies, etc.)

  1. When do you get a partial refund of your returns within 30 days after a return?

  • When the packaging is incomplete or more damaged then necessary to deteremine the nature, the features or the functioning of the product. It's for instance not necessary to return the product incomplete or with a extremely damaged packaging;

  • When the product is damaged;

  • When the product is used or dirty.

Conditions for returning an used product.

  • The partial refund is always at least 75% of the original purchase amount.
  • This service only applies to products that are returned or are registered for a return within 30 days (from the day of receival of the package).
  • The product may not be damaged in such a way that functioning of the device is less.
  • Products that fall under the exceptions (see also submark 3 - Exclusion right of withdrawal) are excluded of this settlement.

The aforementioned conditions do not limit the exercise of the statutory right of withdrawal.

Precluding the right of withdrawal

Precluding the right of withdrawal

You have the right -within 30 days after delivery date of teh product- to recall the sale without given a particaular reason. The preclude period of withdrawal is over 30 days after you or a defined third party, and who is not the transporter, the product physically has received.

To claim the right of withdrawal you need to send us a notification (for instance by post mail, fax or email) to inform us of this proclamation. You can use the send form of right of withdrawal (PDF), but this is not mandatory.

This notification needs to be done before the period of the rifht of withdrawal of 14 days is expired.


Consequences of the recall

When you recall the agreement, you will receive all the payments done, including shipping costs (with exception of the possible extra costs made for a special delivery doen on your request other then our standard shipping method), back and no later then 14 days after which we have been informed regarding your decision to recall this agreement.

We will pay you back in the same way as you did the payment when ordering the product, unless you agreed otherwise; in no case extra costs will be charged for such a payback.

We are allowed to wait with the refund until we've received the returned goods, or untill the moment you've shown us that goods are returned, whatever moment comes first.

You need to return the goods immediatally, or no later then 14 days after the you did the proclamation.

You will be on time if you return the goods before the term of 14 days is over.

The direct cost of returning goods will be payed by you.

It's your responsilibity if goods are devalueated because of the use of goods, unnecessary to check the nature, the features and the operation of the goods.


Download here the right of withdrawal form of TheDishAntennaShop.

Excluding right of withdrawal

The trader can preclude the right of withdrawal for the following products and services, but only if the trader stated this clearly when making the offer, or at least in good time prior to conclusion of the contract:

  1. Products or services whose prices are subject to fluctuations on the financial market over which the trader has no influence and which can occur within the period of withdrawal;
  2. Contracts concluded during a public auction. A public auction is defined as a sales method whereby a trader offers products, digital content and/or services at an auction, under the directions of an auctioneer, and whereby the successful purchaser is obliged to purchase the products, digital content and/or services;
  3. Service contracts, after full completion of the service, but only if:
    1. implementation started with the explicit prior agreement of the consumer; and
    2. the consumer declared having lost his right or withdrawal as soon as the trader had completed the contract in full;
  4. Package travels, package holidays and package tours as referred to in article 7:500 BW and contracts on passenger transport;
  5. Service contracts providing access to accommodation, if the contract already stipulates a certain date or period of implementation and other than for the purpose of accommodation, the transport of goods, car rental services and catering;
  6. Contracts relating to leisure activities, if the contract already stipulates a certain date or period of implementation;
  7. Products manufactured according to the consumer’s specifications, which were not prefabricated and were made based on a consumer’s specific choice or decision, or which are clearly intended for a specific person;
  8. Products subject to rapid decay or with a limited shelf-life;
  9. Sealed products that, for reasons relating to the protection of health or hygiene, are unsuited to returning and whose seal was broken subsequent to delivery;
  10. Products that, due to their nature, have been irretrievably mixed with other products;
  11. Alcoholic drinks whose price was agreed when concluding the contract, but the delivery of which can only take place after 30 days, and the actual value of which depends on market fluctuations over which the trader has no influence;
  12. Sealed audio/video-recordings and computer apparatus whose seal was broken after delivery;
  13. The delivery of digital content other than on a material medium, but only if:
    1. the delivery commenced with the consumer’s explicit prior agreement, and
    2. the consumer declared that this implied his having lost his right of withdrawal.


How can I contact TheDishAntennaShop?

TheDishAntennaShop is an online webshop; as much as posiible we try to communicate through our site. If you do have a question don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form of TheDishAntennaShop or by email via info@deschotelshop.nl or info@deschotelshop.be.


Where and how can I make a complaint?

It may occur that you have a complaint about TheDishAntennaShop or a product from TheDishAntennaShop. However we take of care everything with the highest attention, it's possible that a mistake is made or that something is wrong with the product bought or that the product is delivered damaged. We're all human. Please notice us via our contact form or by email via info@deschotelshop.nl or info@deschotelshop.be. Within 72 hour you always have a personal response from us to your message.


A complaint we take very seriously. Each complaint is always a learning moment for TheDishAntennaShop.
More important is that you are and remain satisfied with your purchase!


My 30 days of recall are over, but my product is damaged. What to do?

There are two possibilities:


1. Contact TheDishAntennaShop
You can always come by at our location with your product. We will check -together- the interruption. If a repair is necessary, the product will be send to the technical service of the manufacturer. A repair takes most of the times 2 to 3 weeks. You can pick the product up again at our location, when fixed. We will inform you when we've received the fixed product from the manufacturer.

2. Contact the manufacturer
And notify them of the problem. Maybe they can help you by phone. If not, then most of the manufacturers have at-home service warranty. The brand will make an appointment with you to pick up the product.



Disputes between a consumer and an trader over the conclusion or exercising of contracts relating to products and services to be supplied by this trader can be put before the Thuiswinkel Disputes Committee, P.O. Box 90600, 2509 LP in The Hague (www.sgc.nl), by either the consumer or the trader, with due observance of that which is stipulated below. It's also possible to submit your complaint to the Dispute Committee of the European ODR Platform (http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/).



I'm a supplier and would like to add my products to TheDishAntennaShop. Is that possible?

Are you a supplier and would you like to add your products to TheDishAntennaShop, please contact us.

Send an email to info@deschotelshop.nl or info@deschotelshop.be and we will respond within 24 hours how to add your products to TheDishAntennaShop.



I'm a dealer / have my own (web)shop and would like to offer products of TheDishAntennaShop. Is this possible?

Are you a dealer, do you have your own (web)shop and would you like to add the products of TheDishAntennaShop to your product assortment? Please contact us and ask for the possibilities.

Please send an email to info@deschotelshop.nl or info@deschotelshop.be and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss further options and possibilities during a personal meeting.


Terms for participating product reviews and customer reviews

I've added a review and/or a product review. When will I be informed if I won a voucher?

Each review of a product or our shop will help other customers in their decision of their next buy. That's why TheDishAntennaShop offers for each 25 product reviews, at TheDishAntennaShop, a voucher of € 25,- for one of the reviewers.


Each customer review at TheDishAntennaShop assures that TheDishAntennaShop can optimize her services more and more. Also these reviews are also appriciated with a voucher of € 25,- for one of the reviewers of each 25 reviews.


He / she will be notified at the given email address when entering the (product) review. Multiple (product) reviews from one email address are seen as 1 (product) review.




Affiliate programm TheDishAntennaShop

Does TheDishAntennaShop also have their own affiliate program?

Yes, TheDishAntennaShop has her own affiliat program. Yo can read more about this program at our special affiliat page.  Do you want to make money as well via our webshop? Please register to our affiliate program!



Register Affiliate Program TheDishAntennaShop