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Amiko A4 Combo receiver & Android Media Player

The new Amiko A4 4K Combo receiver can be used for satellite tv (DVB-S2), cable tv (DVB-C) and/or terrestic tv (DVB-T2) reception. Even the new A4 Combo is very compa..

€ 159.00 € 119.00 Ex Tax: € 98.35

Amiko HD8265 Full HD digital hybrid receiver (DVB-S2 / C / T2)

The Amiko HD8265 Full HD H.265 HEVC digital receiver has a DVB-S2 satellite / DVB-C/T2 cable / terrestic tuner. Furthermore one Conax embedded card reader and one common interface slot are integrate..

€ 119.00 € 109.00 Ex Tax: € 90.08

Amiko Mini Combo FullHD Triple Tuner

The Amiko Mini Combo FullHD H.265 HEVC Triple Tuner is a very compact receiver with a DVB-S2 satellite, DVB-T2 terrestic and DVB-C cable tuner. The set-top box also is PVR ready and by connecting an..

€ 99.00 € 79.00 Ex Tax: € 65.29

Bente B&R automatic satellite tv antenna (+ mounting plate)

Mounting plate included! The Bente B&R automatic antenna is the only satellite tv antenna with a diameter of 65 cm which can receive Canal Digital or TV Flanders in the South of Portugal. Nor..

€ 1,299.00 € 1,250.00 Ex Tax: € 1,033.06

Coolstream Trinity V2 cable receiver (DVB-C)

Compact, user friendly, very powerfull and perfect image quality. This makes the Coolstream Trinity V2 very usefull for watching cable TV at home. Only available in black. Main features of the Cool..

€ 159.00 € 89.00 Ex Tax: € 73.55

Crystop Autosat A2S - 85 + Internet

This Crystop Autosat 2S with 85 cm antenna, Single LNB and internet is checked and approved by our Technical Service. This antenna is in good condition and only u..

€ 3,499.00 € 1,999.00 Ex Tax: € 1,652.07

Denson DS 1010 V4 settop-box

Now a special deal with a JOYNE CI+ module for 'only' EU 209,- The Denson DS 1010 VV digital receiver is -because of the 8-28 VDC connection- suitable for use in your motorhome, mobil home or boa..

€ 159.00 € 139.00 Ex Tax: € 114.88

Digiality IR 200 Extender set

The Digiality IR 200 Extender set - showroom model is checked and approved by our Technical Service. Product is as new, the original package is however damaged / ..

€ 23.95 € 19.95 Ex Tax: € 16.49

Dreambox 7080 HD satellite set-top box

The Dreambox 7080 HD can be provided with 3 tuners: 1 'fixed' DVB-S2 satellite Twin tuner and two slots for DVB-S2/C/T Plug & Play tuners. The Dreambox 7080 can also be extended with an internal..

€ 779.00 € 359.00 Ex Tax: € 296.69

Dreambox DM500 (Plus) remote control unit

The original remote control unit for the Dreambox DM 500 (Plus) satellite set-top box. ..

€ 19.95 € 14.95 Ex Tax: € 12.36

Dreambox DM520 HD

The Dreambox DM520 HD is a compact Linux based satellite- or cable receiver. Optional the DM520 can be provided with a DVB-S2 satellite tuner (for reception of satellite tv) or a DVB-C/T2 tuner for ..

€ 159.00 € 149.00 Ex Tax: € 123.14

Dreambox DM525 HD

The Dreambox DM525 HD has a CI-slot, is Linux based and (optional) available with a DVB-S2 satellite tuner (for satellite (Pay)tv reception) or a DVB-C/T2 cable- and terrestic tv tuner. The Dreambo..

€ 159.00 € 149.00 Ex Tax: € 123.14

Formuler F1/F3/F4 - rcu

The original remote control unit for the digital satellite receiver(s) of Formuler, the models F1, F3 and F4. ..

€ 29.95 € 19.95 Ex Tax: € 16.49

Formuler F4 Full HD Linux Enigma E2 digital receiver

The Formuler F4 is the successor of the Formuler F3 Full HD (1080p) Linux Enigma E2 digital receiver. The F4 has a fast and powerfull 742 MHz single core 2,000 DMIPS processor. Furthermore the For..

€ 139.00 € 119.00 Ex Tax: € 98.35

Invacom TWH-031 Universal Twin LNB 0.3dB Horn

A high performance universal Twin LNB with an integrated feedhorn and 2 independent outputs. Often used in combination with 2 satellite receivers (or a Twin PVR satellite receiver) and in areas wher..

€ 59.00 € 49.00 Ex Tax: € 40.50

Inverto IDL-400s SAT>IP multibox server

The Inverto Airscreen Server™ (IDL 400S) is a fully compatible and certified SAT> IP Server with 4 tuners. The Airscreen Server™ can receive up to 4 transponders and stream SD / HD-radio & TV..

€ 249.00 € 189.00 Ex Tax: € 156.20

Inverto Pro UniCable Twin LNB

Limited availablity! With the Universal Pro Unicable Twin 40mm LNB it's possible -by connecting 2 coax cables from the antenna to the receiver-, to watch seperate when 4 (Unicable) satellite receiv..

€ 85.00 € 49.95 Ex Tax: € 41.28

Iridium GO!

The Iridium GO! brings satellite communication very near! The package contains a small WiFi hub suitable for connecting up to 5 devices (iPhone, Samsung, tablet). Through the Iridium satellite..

€ 1,039.00 € 999.00 Ex Tax: € 825.62

Iridium GO! - demo model

Iridium GO! - demo model. Not used, is as new and will be shipped in the original -new- packaging. 2 pieces available. The Iridium GO! brings satellite communication very near! Th..

€ 1,039.00 € 899.00 Ex Tax: € 742.98

Joyne recreation antenna set

This recreation satellite tv antenna set is ready for Joyne satellite tv reception all over Europe. The products in this set are selected based on price, quality and ease of use. This set can b..

€ 234.00 € 224.00 Ex Tax: € 185.12

M7 MZ 101 HD zapper incl. smartcard

With this interactive TV box from Canal Digital / TV Flanders / Telesat you never have to miss your favourite program, movie or serie anymore. This new HD satellite set-top box MZ-101 has this new f..

€ 149.00 € 139.00 Ex Tax: € 114.88

NDS solar panel 80-100-120-140 Watt

With the NDS solar panel you have your own power supply based on daylight. With a solar panel you capture your own (free) energy in all wheather conditions. In this way you never have to depend on t..

€ 159.00 € 139.00 Ex Tax: € 114.88