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Digital satellite meters (SatFinders) for the installation, positioning and fine-tuning of the dish antenna and LNB, for the best signal quality. Wherever you are in Europe.

Did you find the satellite finder you need? Please let us know if not and we will do our best for you to find the satfinder you need.

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Amiko XFinder 3

The Amiko XFinder 3 is a very complete and multi-functional digitaal satellite-, cable- and terrestic finder, media player and portable settopbox with CI-slot, card reader and ethernet port. Includi..

€ 349.00 Ex Tax: € 288.43

Bente satfinder (with satellite recognition)

With satellite recognition The Bente satfinder is a very easy to use satellite finder, and has built-in satelite recognition based on 5 pre-programmed satellite positions. This satfinder is easy t..

€ 99.95 Ex Tax: € 82.60

Blueqon SF-500 Digital Satfinder

The Blueqon SF-500 Digital Satfinder is ideal for easy pointing / searching the right satellite position (i.e. HotBird, ASTRA) during for instance camping or when travelling with your motorhome or m..

€ 59.00 Ex Tax: € 48.76

HD-Line SF-500 Digital Satfinder

The HD-line SF-500 Digital Satfinder is the ideal solution for tuning the dish antenna to the required satellite (HotBird, ASTRA) when you're for instance on a camping, or when travelling with a mob..

€ 69.00 Ex Tax: € 57.02

Inverto IDLU-SPAL03 SatPal satellite finder

Inverto’s SatPal™ is a new satfinder whichj makes it even more easy for installers to guarantee the quality of their antenna installations, manage their installations and generate full audit deta..

€ 359.00 Ex Tax: € 296.69

Maxview compass

This Maxview compass is supplied with coloured zones for the satellites ASTRA and Hotbird, so you can find these easily and fast. This compass can also be used for navigation. The compass can b..

€ 12.90 Ex Tax: € 10.66

Maxview satfinder B2031

The sensitivty of the satfinder can be set with the help of a rotation button. The meter has 6 led displays with the results displayed and a hard noise which varies in tone volume. The satfinde..

€ 24.95 Ex Tax: € 20.62

Maxview satfinder B2031 and compass B2022CT

The Maxview Satfinder is supplied in combination with a Maxview compass for a reasonable price, a combi package. This combination is ideal for pointing your satellite antenna in an acurate way. ..

€ 34.95 Ex Tax: € 28.88

Maxview Satfinder I.D.

The Maxview SAT I.D. has a satellite finder with 'satellite recognition' function. Furthermore this satfinder has a so called ‘Sat Found LED’, which displays the signal strength / quality. With the ..

€ 109.00 Ex Tax: € 90.08

Maxview Satfinder MXL090

The Maxview Satfinder MXL090 is a satfinder that's easy to use. Within seconds the selected satellite can be found. The status of the signal can be easily read from the LED display. Batteries ar..

€ 245.00 Ex Tax: € 202.48

SaTLink WS-6903 satfinder

With the Satlink WS-6903 Satellite Finder you can point your dish antenna at the required satellite position, just by connecting the satfinder easy between the LNB and the satellite receiver. In thi..

€ 17.95 Ex Tax: € 14.83

SaTLink WS-6916 HD satellite finder

It's easy to find the right satellite position with the SaTLink WS-6916 HD DVB-S2 satfinder. This SaTLink WS6916 satellite finder has a high resolution LCD colour display, for viewing the FTA channe..

€ 149.00 Ex Tax: € 123.14

SaTLink WS-6933 HD SE satellite finder

The Satlink WS 6933 HD SE satfinder has a built-in compass. Makes the pointing to the right satellite even more easier. Is supplied with a 220 / 12V power adapter, USB cable for data updates and a s..

€ 89.00 € 69.00 Ex Tax: € 57.02